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About 6 years ago I wrote my first Lua script, and today I have experience in multiple scripting and programming languages. Although what I mostly work with is Java, C# and Android development.

I'm currently studying nature science in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Introducing the Dota 2 Translator

Ever been in a game with a team insisting not to speak English? It might start good, but the lack of basic communication will eventually make it very hard to win later in the game. Now, imagine if there being a tool that eliminated the language barriers in Dota 2, a tool which actually translates the incoming chat messages and displays them in game. This tool already exists, and it's available for a free download on this webpage.

This program aims to create a more pleasant experience while not playing with pre-made teams. It will detect the incoming language automatically and translate it to your language of choise using Google Translate. It features multiple settings, does not interfere with the anti cheat system and is available open source under MIT license.

Note: Because this program has not been signed, it will probably flag warnings in Avast and other anti-virus programs. You might have to choose "Continue execution" for this program to work properly.

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